Design / Build - Graphics - Programming
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Design / Build

Designing a website, of necessity, entails building a website. In this day and age, paper portfolios - at least for web work - are no more. We're not going to spend time trying to draw out (on paper) what we hope you will like ... We build it and it's there for all to see.

We believe that the site background, color, and layout should be consistant throughout the site. What that means is that every other page looks like the front page. We can discuss the "why" if you wish, but speed is the primary reason. We'll build your front page, on retainer, for approval purposes.

Design / Build steps are:
  1. We Register your domain name
  2. You decide on "bells & whistles"* (chat, guestbook, majordomo, mailists, storefront, etc)
  3. We establish the appropriate domain space
  4. You decide on material* (verbage, graphics, etc)
  5. You decide on a layout.*
  6. You decide on colors.*
  7. We build a Home Page
  8. You view & decide if you like it*
  9. We tweek as necessary
  10. You finalize approval
  11. We build your website
    * We'll offer as much or as little input as you desire.

As are all the services listed on this page, this is a contracted service. Every design/build instance is different but, if you already have your logo and prepared graphics, build time and cost are minimized.


Graphics is a world unto itself. Our largest single suggestion is ... "Less is more".   Again, speed is the reason.

We'll be happy to provide proofs, on retainer, for any ideas you may have. Animation, if used wisely, is acceptable to the overall purpose of the page ... but unless you run a gallery, your purpose really isn't to build a site for people to "ooh" and "aah" at the graphics, is it?

Graphics of any type slow a page's loading time. Studies indicate that if a person does not see the page inside of only twelve seconds, they'll hit the "back" button.


All those "simply fill out this form" pages?   That's programming.

If you have need of viewer interaction - be it for mail order forms, database information input or retrieval, or the like - we can certainly take care of it for you.

Following are a couple of examples of our programming:

Crafted by Kim .. This is an advertising/sale site built around a totally CGI enclosed, web-based database retieval program we built.

Bunny Checks .. This page ultimately builds a printable page that the user mails to the check printer for personalized checks for the affiliate credit of the site owner.