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True Domain
This is a domain using a name of your choice (   This domain is assigned its own IP# and is not aliased of another ip.   When your account is set up, it will be only in your domain name.   For example; if your domain name is, than any combination of,,, or will work in a web browser.

Disk Storage
We give a very generous amount of space and designate 5000 files for each 100 megs you use.   Should you desire more space, we can provide it without interruption of service or you can seamlessly switch your account type to one with more disk space.

Daily Traffic Allowance
Traffic is measured in Bandwidth - also known as transfer rate.   This is how many files may be viewed or downloaded from your domain. Each 1 gig of transfer allowed equals approximately 85000 hits (page views) of traffic.   Experience shows us that our traffic allowance provided per domain is apprx 30 times what a normal user would need.  Please refer to our policies for limitation on certain file protocols.  

Email Forwarding
You are able to specify another email address in our WebControl System and have it redirected to one or more other email addresses, allowing you access from anywhere in the world.   Great for "branch sites", vacations, old email accounts you'd like to keep, etc.   For example, could be redirected to, your ISP account, for viewing. You can also provide friends similar aliases at your domain and point it to their ISP.

Unlimited Email Alias
Unlike many systems, our email system will automatically capture any name that may be sent to your domain name. This means, as long as the is proper, even typos in the user name will still be captured and not refused.   That means that goes to your default mail account.   Also a great feature for establishing routing of emails without opening new POP accounts.

SSH is a program that enables you to log into a remote host/terminal securely (E.g.: Home PC) as though that terminal were attached directly to our server.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a simple method of uploading files from your computer to the OLM server. Our online manual provides detailed instructions on how to use Telnet & FTP programs.

POP accounts
This is a private storage box for email. It would be accessed by a 3rd party email program like Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, etc.   Setup is easy with our online instructions.

These are your "click here for more info" email addresses. Usually used as a "mailto:" link, an autoresponder is a simple text file you place in your domain and it is automatically sent to anyone who emails a designated email address/mailbox.   This can be any information you can type -- price lists, available locations, etc.   When email is sent to your domain with the name of one of these files, the file is automatically returned to the sender of the email.   You can easily create an autoresponder with the WebControl System provided with your Domain.

Wusage 7.1
This is a very powerful tool for tracking vistiors to your site. It provides you statistics on how long visitors were there, what pages they visited and even the order that those pages were visited. With advanced logging activated it will even tell where they came from and what browser was being used.

This is a very flexible tool for interacting with your customers or clients. In simple terms its a interactive style news letter that allows all subscribers to distribute information. There are many configurable features including automatic subscribe and unsubscribe and much more. Each list can email upto 1500 mails per day, if you would like to increase the limit email us for pricing.

Referer Logs
This is a extended logging features that will document where each vistor to your site came from. You will know if they found you from a search engine another website link ect..., invaluable information when planning your sites marketing.

Access to Secure Server
Secure server access is provided on all accounts.   Any sensitive information you need encrypted before transmission through a Web Browser is done using the Apache SSL Server.

Access to Secure Shell
Generally considered an advanced feature, this is a secure method of accessing your Shell Account if you have Telnet access authority and a proper SSH Telnet client with the ability to access this feature.

Customizable Missing Docs page
By placing a file in your main directory called missing.html you will be able to give a customized page to any viewer that requests a filename that does not exist on your domain.

Server Side Includes
SSI or Server Side Includes, allow the server to deliver special page commands to the viewer. As example, if you had a footer you wanted on all your pages that may change from time to time, you can create a text file with that desired footer and place it in your domain. On each page you put a simple "include" to read that file and place it, in your HTML code, on the desired pages.

MySQL is a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user, and robust SQL (Structured Query Language) database server which is the most popular language for adding, accessing, and processing data in a database. MYSQL is noted mainly for its speed, reliability, and flexibility. Most agree, however, that it works best when managing content and not executing transactions.

This is Microsofts simple editor, it requires you own the frontpage 98 software and have it installed on your home system also. Though front page does not completly disable regular cgi access, there will be a few scripts that will not work properly while this is in use.

Web Control Panel
This is our own CGI User Interface that allows you virtually complete control of your domain and website without requiring any use of FTP or Telnet. While some users prefer FTP for file transfer, most all prefer the Web Control Panel for installation of new POP's, Password administration, and the like.

Subscribable Maillists
This feature allows you to give your visitors an email address with which they can be added to a personalized-by-you maillist. As soon as subscribers sign on, they are sent a friendly welcome message - also written by you, of course. This is a great way to offer your customers a monthly newsletter, send sales updates to customers or just send a friendly hello. Great for families, as well.

Our PlusmailTM system is capable of multiple lists so you can organize whatever information your subscribers may be looking for. Each list can hold up to 1000 names and you can email any message up to 75Kb.

Error Logs
This is an extended logging feature that documents any errors that occur on your domain.   This is invaluable information when doing any type of programming or development.

Raw Logs
Raw logs show you the IP address of the computer that came to your website, the time, date, and files that they accessed. It is in a text-based form. Analog Stats also comes with some accounts, which will show information in a graphical form.

Real Audio/Video G2 Version 8.0
If you are looking to stream live audio or video, Real Audio/Video G2 v8 will do just that. Providing you one of the most powerful streaming media servers available

CGI Script Installation
Install any of the free and paid scripts we provide through our easy to use web-based interface.

Password Protect Directories
You may password protect any directory of your domain. This limits access to those "your eyes only" files, members' area, etc.   This feature cannot be used when using FrontPage.

Site Manager
This is the main center of your WebControl System.   It is intended and designed to replace an FTP client program. Through your Site Manager, you can:

MIVA Empressa
Miva Empressa is the engine that is loaded onto our servers that allow our clients to run Miva Scripts. This is also the engine that makes it possible to run Miva Merchant or Miva Order programs. License is included on our Store-n-More domain and is available at a reduced rate for others. See individual account descriptions for details.

PHP ia a tool that lets you create dynamic web pages. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages.

Training Tools
Each account comes with a suite of professional text courses for a variety of the most popular programs. Learn the basics to the advanced topics of Photoshop, Flash, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, HTML and more.

In keeping with our "five 9's" committment, we backup your web directory daily on redundant hard drives installed on each of our hosting servers. This provides the peace of mind that if the main drive should fail for any reason we can quickly and completely restore your site. Should you require a copy in a case of your own "disaster", you may request our backups of your files for a one-time restoration fee.

Support Center
Our Online Support Center provides more than just a fast personal response from one of our trained technicians. All submissions are tracked and monitored by our Quality Assurance team. Users have access to a searchable database of calls, which may be modified at any time or even escalated to the attention of a QA team member. The interface also provides easy access to server upgrade information as well as our online manual and training center.

Real Audio/Video G2 V8
If you are looking to stream live audio or video, Real Audio/Video G2 v8 will do just that. Providing you one of the most powerful streaming media servers available.