Why Inland? ... Our Web Hosting Philosophy

When you jump into your car, day or night - rain or shine, you want (dare we say, expect) it to start right up and take you wherever you wish. That's the way we feel about your domain. You and your visitors should be able to call your website at any time of the day or night and see what you intend the viewer to see.

It's your domain that let's you do that. If your viewer sees an error message instead of your website, you've got a credibility problem. If they can't trust your website ... how can they trust you?

With Inland Domains you get "Five Nines" function. That's 99.999% uptime.


There are lots of places offering "free" services out there ... You can get one service from here (with their name and their ads attached), another service from there (with their name and their ads attached), yet another from another source (with their name and their ads attached).

We feel that you should be able to get a domain that includes all the features you'd like -- for you to do with as YOU see fit. In other words ... if you're paying your good money for a domain, why should you be required to display someone else's name and ads just to have the features you want?


There are lots of people out there offering domains and that's all - just domain space. They don't even care if you ever have a website. With those folks, you have to find web design help elsewhere.

We believe that your Internet experience should be as painless as possible. If you feel you may need help with building your original website, managing or maintaining those little details, or even want someone to work with your site everyday, we can provide that help.