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This is a copy of our Online Support Manual Table of Contents. You will receive this manual and many more online installation, support, and training aids as only a part of your new domain package from Inland Computer Systems.

You have the capablilty - through our training and support section - of gaining more technical and design knowledge than all but the most experienced webmasters.

This example page below is put here to show you how easily you can answer virtually any question by simply referring to our support section while you're online maintaining your site.

Notice the many topics covered and you'll notice how many more extras are included in domains provided by Inland Computer Systems. You should also see how much more willing we are to help you succeed with your Internet experience.

Section A: Getting Started
Lets Get Started
  Technical Information
  The "Novice Webmaster"
  Useful Links

General Account Information
User Name and Passwords
  Sub-Login Accounts Within Your Domain
  Server Disk Space
  The www Directory

Email Management
Accessing Your Email
  Microsoft Outlook Express
  Microsoft Outlook
  Netscape Communicator
  Other Email Programs

PlusMail WebControl System
 • Login Information
 • Site Summary
 • Site Reports
 • User Manager
 • Site Manager
 • Email Forwarding
 • Mail Lists
 • Auto Responders
 • Extra's
 • WebControl Password

Uploading Your Web Site
 • Cute FTP
 • Dreamweaver 4
 • Front Page
 • Fetch For Macintosh

Section B: General Information
  Access Logs
  Setting Up A Custom "404: File Not Found" Error Page
  Long File Names
  Zip/Unzip Files

Section C: Ecommerce Features
  Miva Order Set Up
  Miva Merchant Set Up
  Miva Technical Assistance
  Miva Order Manual (PDF)
  Miva Merchant Manual (PDF)

Section D: Multimedia/Database/Search Engines
  Real Audio/Video
  Miva Empressa

Section E: CGI Scripts
CGI Resources (Advanced Users)
Paths To Mail, Date, Perl, ECT.
 • Adding Your Own CGI Scripts
 • Setting Permissions
 • CGIWrap - Secure Server CGI Wrapper
 • CGI Troubleshooting Q & A
Setting Permissions
Changing Permissions With WS FTP
 • Changing Permissions With Fetch
 • Setting Permissions On Pre-Installed Scripts
 • Examples Of Using CHMOD