Domain and Hosting Package Description

Basic - $9.95 /mo

Great for smaller sites - be they personal or business.

With a generous 100Mb of storage and 2Gb traffic allowance, it has more than enough room to do most anything you want.

Internet Starter - $19.95 /mo

It's not the biggest but, for its size, it's one of the best!   It has 100 Mb of storage and a whopping 6Gb of traffic allowance!

The "Starter" comes with 15 individual email accounts, plenty of scripts to enhance your site, online support, log access, training tools and much, much more.

Foundation - $29.95 /mo

Far and away our most popular domain package. The price is right and the size (600 Mb!) is large enough that you probably will never fill it up.

We have a 15 Gb transfer rate and more "bells & whistles" than we can mention. It also comes with 50 individual Email accounts, 1000 Email redirects, and unlimited Email aliases, autoresponders and subscribable mail-lists.

Business - $49.95 /mo

This is the Foundation domain with "Value Added".

Along with one of the best domains on the net, you get PlusMail Roamer. Roamer is separate, web-based Email (like HotMail) that allows you to communicate away from the standard POP accounts of your server, but still with your domain name. This is an added "security" feature that many prefer.

We will also hand-submit your domain to the most popular search engines annually.

Store-n-More - $74.95 /mo

This is also the Foundation domain but geared for E-Commerce. Miva Merchant is included! This is a licensed product that allows you browser creation of a storefront with unlimited categories and products with multiple shipping and fulfillment methods.   See an actual site in action

The Store-n-More is the way the "big kids" do it!   But that's not all ... We'll hand-submit your domain to the most popular search engines every 180 days!

Managed Hosting (Webmaster)

Occasional - $10 /mo

The Occasional Webmaster Service is for those that have a set website that may need a seasonal background change, need to "tweek" a previously prepared graphic to fit a particular spot, need some "occasional" code help, or such. The key word is Occasional ... frequency no more than once per quarter year.

Monthly - $20 /mo

This, as the name implies, a Webmaster Service with regularity. We'll change monthly news pages, employee-of-the-month, etc and assure seamless integration.

Active - $50 /mo

We'll be readily available to make changes and even build new pages - as our schedule permits. Of course, your request takes priority. We'll also check your forums, guestbook, and other interactive input for abuse, glitches, etc. on a twice-monthly basis.

"On Site" - $100 /mo

This is the closest you'll get to an employee without supplying benefits!   We're here for you. We'll perform all the above listed services, but (within reason) on an ASAP time frame. Problem repairs are priority - to be handled immediately.

"Guru" - $250 /mo

We'll handle it! After your site is built, we'll watch it like a shepherd watches his flock. Every day we'll make random checks of all functions, verify links, etc. In short, we'll make sure that you only hear praise - never complaints ... about your website, anyway.

Along with the obvious physical aspect of our service, we'll also offer marketing suggestions, "speed tips", and more in an effort to help increase your productivity.


While we solicit your business concerning the following, please note that these services are not included in any domain or hosting package we offer.

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