Why Inland? ... Our Page Design Philosophy

A Page ... is a Page ... is a Page ... NOT!!

Your attitude, be it personal or corporate, is reflected in your advertising. A Web Page should be an extension of that attitude. A Web Page can indicate a philosophy. You can display not only a product line or list of services, but an image, as well.

The design of your page, whether conservative or wild, quiet or busy, also conveys a mood to the viewer. The page can be straightforward and serious, totally frivilous and light, or anywhere in between.

The Primary Concern is to put a page together that:
  1. the user will feel comfortable viewing.
  2. the user will stay and read.
  3. the user will want to return to.


A web page is nothing like a typewritten page. A web page is actually a compilation of many components. To think of a page as layers sometimes helps.

The graphical background of a page will set the overall mood. Graphics, photographs, etc. can either enhance text or can, themselves, be made the focus of the page. The text, also, can either be simple or flamboyant.

Along with all that, color choices are also important, in that one color can calm while another will antagonize. Another point often forgotten is that the overall layout of a page can either enhance your message or detract from it.

Inland Computer Systems has both the knowledge and the ability to weld all the aspects of page design into one complete, cohesive, and attractive package -- a package that is pleasureable to both you and the viewer.