Domains Are More Than Just Names On "The Net"
Think of your web-site as your car and your domain as a garage.

Every garage should keep the rain off your car (basic function), but we all know that all garages are not created equal.

Some have one small garage door, some a double door, three doors, etc. Of course, these get larger at the same time.

You may want your garage well lit with electrical plugs everywhere. You may want a basketball goal over the door. You may want a small workshop attached. You may want a large workshop attached.

Think of your Web Host as a Garage Mechanic.

Every car (Your Website) requires maintenance.

You may prefer to do maintenance yourself. You may have purchased a car that has everything you need and you will only need your mechanic to change the oil at regular intervals.

You may have a hot-rod that should be tuned up every weekend. You may even have such a nice car that you want someone to "tweek" it and wipe the dust off of it every morning. Some people require so much of their cars that they have a mechanic on the payroll just to make sure everything is absolutely right every day.

The point of all this is that it's up to you. You can rent a garage - with no mechanic available - where no one cares if you even have a car or not ... OR ... You can get your domain from us. Inland Computer Systems can make the Internet a friendly place. We'll get you started and point you in the right direction or we can walk hand-in-hand so you have nothing to fear.

... It's up to you.