Types Of Web Site Design

We have been blessed with some wonderful customers. Following are only a few sites we've done, but they show examples of different type web site layouts. This, of course, in addition to this site (single home layout with expanding menu).

Also, (flamingly obvious plug by our Graphics Dept.) please note that all graphics, unless specifically noted, are our own - We take great pride in our fine graphics.

  1)   East Valley Bunny Rescue .. This is a straight-forward multi-page site. The "single-home" approach is obvious here in that any page added will be supported by either the menu or main page information. Note the professional use of animation that breaks monotony, but does not intrude on the prevailing message.

  2)   Adens Hay Oasis .. This is also a multi-page site but with a more channel-style format.

  3)   Paul Clay Insurance Agency .. This is also a multi-page site but with tasteful use of graphics for effect.

  4)   Hi-Plains Printing .. This site is a good example of a "Billboard" web page. If a single page will deliver your message, there's absolutely no reason to waste a customer's time making them "click here, click there."

  5)   EMB Goodies -Embroidery and Gifts .. This Site is also "Billboard" style, but has pop-up pages for viewing sample works.

  6)   Top-o-Texas Rodeo .. This site is a good example of frames usage. Notice the banner slot at the top for your own banner rotation script rather than L/E or someone else. All links open in the frame - the customer doesn't "forget you". Pull-down menus make navigation very user-friendly. We wanted to show you the exceptional use of colors, fonts, and art (graphics dept. wrote the copy, can you tell?) for a friendly, personable logo and front page layout with a "single home with menu" approach.

  7)   South Alabama Outpatient Services .. This is also a multi-page site but with a more quiet and thoroughly professional feel.