Why Inland? ... Our Site Design Philosophy

The Web Site ... just a place to put the pages ... NOT!!

Think of your site as the package in which you present your information. Would you spend hours or even days looking for just the right gift for someone and then simply hand it to them in a grocery sack?

A poorly designed web site - with no planning, thought or design - does exactly that with your information. Not only will viewers not return, but a poorly designed site reflects badly on your image.

One of the deepest abiding principles of the internet is that ease of access is everything. The viewer will not tolerate a site that is difficult to navigate. The simple truth is that there is always another source on the Internet.

User Friendly is not just a trite little phrase on the Internet. It is a phrase to either live or die by! What will make the user return to your site specifically - when other sites are only a mouse-click away? While there are no guarantees, the odds are stacked greatly in your favor if that user feels that your site is comfortable, quick, and easy to get around.

Inland Computer Systems has the knowledge and ability to put everything you want to say or do on "the net" into a complete, smooth flowing web site package.